Since our inception, Sovereign Mining has been totally
focused on building a strategic, ecosystem to support Bitcoin .

Building on Bitcoin

At Sovereign Mining, we support and deliver solutions for Bitcoin. Our team has what it takes to build out the bitcoin network, from server and network administration to automation and robotics.  


Our efforts are centered around building a sustainable, efficient, and powerful network of Bitcoin core & Lightning nodes, channels and Mining operations that allow us to contribute to the growth of this technology.

What is the Bitcoin standard?

The Bitcoin standard is where an organization stores its value via Bitcoin while limiting Fiat interactions. They are also committed to providing the highest quality of standards when it comes to integrity goods and services.


Why we started using the Bitcoin Standard?

Sovereign Mining see's Bitcoin as the highest standard in regards to money, and want that to be reflected in all we do. We started using the bitcoin standard not just as our money, but as a reference to the level of integrity with which we build and the people we work with.